Densmile Dental Care

The care and attention we offer our patients is unrivalled – from
children through to those with a phobia of the dentist, and everyone in between

You probably already know how important it is to visit your dentist regularly, but it can be difficult finding the right practice to care for you and your family’s needs can’t it? Look no further than Densmile Dental Care.

We cater to all needs at Densmile. Whether it’s whiter teeth you’re after or a scale and polish with our hygienist, you can expect unrivalled levels of care from our friendly, highly skilled team.

Dal DhaddaPractice Manager

While seeing children regularly is important to ensure their teeth and gums are healthy, we also pride ourselves on our approach to treating nervous patients. Whether it’s minor anxiety you experience at the dentist, or a full-blown phobia, you can rest assured you’re in great, unrushed hands at our practice.

Our dentist Dr Rajen H Joshi always takes his time to get to know his patients, particularly those who are nervous about their appointment. He will always discuss any concerns you may have, before putting you in complete control of your check-up. You can raise your hand to bring the examination to a halt at any time, and bring your own music along with you to help you relax.

If you would like more information about our practice, or to book an appointment, please contact our friendly team by calling 024 7668 9483.

If you’re a New to Densmile Dental Care

We’re giving you a Free Hygienist appointment with every Private Dental check-up worth £49.99!

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Our promise to you

At Densmile Dental Care we guarantee all of our patients that they will experience no pain during their procedures. As well as administering numbing gel before any injections, Dr Rajen H Joshi asks all patients to raise their hand if they are experiencing any discomfort at any point. He will then stop what he is doing and won’t start again until you are completely happy. Where necessary, he will provide additional local anaesthetic. However, if you are still experiencing discomfort after all endeavours, the treatment can be suspended and re-arranged if needs be.